Custom Boxes Packaging

Custom boxes make your brand stand out from the crowd; they personalize your brand’s identity and voice. A well-designed custom box does not effectively reduce packaging costs but also prevents your products from spoiling. These boxes also give your products a fascinating appearance.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to make your own custom boxes that fit your business needs. Let’s see how you can go about it.

1. Choosing The Appropriate Material:

Take into consideration the following things to create your custom boxes:

  • Product’s weight and quantity
  • Boxing material’s cost, eco-friendly nature, and durability
  • Material’s thickness and sturdiness for safety during transportation and storage
  • Feel of material, i.e., texture
  • Additionally, look into materials that are trending or available in the market

Hint: Go for corrugated custom boxes because they are known for their sturdy and durable nature.

2. Box Dimensions:

The dimensions of a box are vital for the safety of the product. Using a large-sized box for a small item will offer more space for it to move around, which is not suitable for your product. Consider opting for size according to the polystyrene packaging cushion molded to your item’s design. The polystyrene cushions add an extra layer of protection for transportation. A great rule of thumb is leaving 1/16 inches in all dimensions.

3. Box Style:

 An exciting box design imprints itself on the customer’s mind urging them to consider purchasing your product repeatedly. Packaging boxes come in various shapes like a collapsible box, custom display box, corrugated box, broadside box, portable box with handles, a folding box with magnet closure, etc. Opt for a funky box shape because it gets customer’s attention quickly. For example, a doll placed in a toy shaped box is easily recognizable and draws in more significant consideration.

We advise you to give a touch of your brand using custom gift tags and unique item unwrapping techniques from the box. It adds value to the purchase and provides customers with a memorable, unboxing experience.

Moreover, the box shape can keep the item in place, which makes it safe during transportation. You can make use of box accessories like pads, handles, and partitions. Pads provide structural reinforcement or protect items against knife cuts. Moreover, you can attach a handle to the box to make it easier to carry your product. The partitions can help divide the custom box’s interior space for organizing multiple parts of the product in a single packaging box.

4. Packaging

Be careful about selecting your label design. Brand your packaging with:

  • Company logo
  • Catchy text lines
  • Write product features, ingredients
  • Entertaining pictures
  • Games like crosswords, spot difference in images, find the path, etc
  • Bumper discounts
  • Enticing color schemes
  • Eye-catching patterns
  • Contact details

Make sure you use printing that’s in sync with your brand’s voice. It helps customers distinguish a single brand’s multiple products or recognize a specific product sold by various brands. Be creative to ensure your print design gives off a relevant vibe to your product. For example, print a game on a toy box and an elegant pattern on the box of an electronic device along with the device’s features. Furthermore, adding facts, statistics, useful details, and precautions build customer trust and reliance on your brand. Besides, it’s your legal obligation to do so.

It is wise you use a clear and high-quality print that does not chip off in transit. Also, abstain from poor texture quality print; it counteracts your product’s quality in the customer’s eyes. Do not shy away from carrying a little research about what pulls the customer’s attention to your product.

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