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Get Personalized Folded Business Leaflets and Printed Pamphlets

Leaflets and custom brochure are an essential element in advertising your products to the masses. Leaflets are one of the most popular print marketing products because they are so cheap to produce and easy to distribute. They are usually flat, rectangular and approximately the size of an adult hand making them perfect to pass out to passers by on the streets. Contrary to flyers that are meant for one-time events and promotions, custom folded leaflets by MK Printing’s are suitable for content and company information.

Types of Wholesale Folded Printed Leaflets!

Some of the most popular types of folded leaflet dimensions that MK Printing’s is also manufacturing are as follows:

  1. Single fold: This is the simplest type of fold, where the sheet folds once in the middle. Similarly most of our clients place their orders for this kind of custom business cards and leaflets.
  2. Roll fold: In this sort of fold, each page folds in on itself. It uses to produce a trifold leaflet such as a one-third A4 leaflet. This is where an A4 sheet folds into three sections. The right-hand page is folded inwards and then folded in again. MK Printing’s therefore offers one of the best printed roll fold leaflets to its valued customers.
  3. Z-fold: A concertina leaflet (also known as z-fold) designed and printed by MK Ads resembles a lot like an accordion, particularly when it has more than 6 pages and, depending on its size, it can have up to twelve pages. However each page will be of the same size and the leaflet will open out to one long document, this can allow your brand information to run from one page to the next. In other words MK Printing’s feels proud offering these Z-fold elegant looking affordable folded business cards and leaflets to its loyal customers.
  4. Gatefold: In this type, the leaflet will usually have two parallel folds, the left and the right-hand pages are folded inwards so that they meet in the middle. It looks similar to two gates opening outwards and it divulges the larger panel below. A gatefold leaflet can be of any size but its final size will be half the original sheet size. MK is well expert in producing this kind of custom leaflets to fulfil the needs of its beloved customers.
  5. Cross fold: It allows a large printed sheet to be reduced in size just by folding it down several times. There are numerous ways to do this but normally the sheet will be folded in half and then folded again one or more times. Similarly MK manufactures this kind of printed pamphlets to its maximum quality to meet all the requirements of your precious brand.

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Why People Choose MK Printing Ads?

As true for many other customized stationery packaging solutions, MK is on the forefront in designing and printing quality business leaflets and business pamphlets as well. Since its emergence, MK Ads has provided excellent services for brochures printing to its clients and won their hearts. The sort of qualitative services MK is giving to its customers is second to none. In addition we always target to promote your brand and business through our best quality custom leaflets, retailing all the necessary information about your brand to as many potential customers as possible.

You can pop your custom folded printed leaflets  by MK Printing Ads in local newspapers or stock them up at various shops, restaurants and other prominent places. Besides, you can also place them in your own corporate offices for potential customers.

MK ranks as a top-class printing service provider due to the following facts:

  • MK is in the business of packaging for an ample time-period, making its clients happy and satisfied by fulfilling their requirements. However, our dedicated staff assists and coordinates with clients from scratch to their full satisfaction.
  • Our state of the art manufacturing machinery gives us an edge in the market over our competitors.
  • Moreover at MK Ads, we offer an enormous range of designs that help our clients take a rapid decision.
  • MK Printing’s can help you in providing all the solutions under one roof. Therefore, you don’t need to visit here and there. From designing to manufacturing your customized folded leaflets, all the facilities are present which prove convenient for our customers.
  • Moreover, MK Ads highest priority is to provide a quality product to its customers at wholesale competitive rates. We never compromise on quality and try to make the product as appealing as possible.
  • After that by acquiring the latest technology, MK Ads is a pioneer in its supply to demand relationship. Whatever the demand is, we are capable of delivering the product even before the deadline.
  • The best part of MK is that our customer support staff is so professional that we guide potential clients according to their desires. You may clear your confusions by having your questions promptly answered by our support staff.

Above all, if you have any query related to custom size folded leaflets, just let us know. Rest assured, MK Printing Ads will serve in the best possible way. And also it will provide you appealing and beautifully printed brochures online. That will help you acquire much more business and sell your products instantly.

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