Eyelashes are one of the most stunning parts of human body particularly for women. Women tend to look gorgeous at every occasion. Every woman strives to make her eyelashes appealing and decorative. This can be done by applying alluring fake eyelashes to the natural ones which enhance the beauty of woman eyelashes. Fake eyelashes are a vital component of woman cosmetics. False eyelashes bless you with a method to make your own eyelashes fuller and more dramatic.

A Comparison Between Fake Eyelashes Of Two Different Times

False eyelashes are not a new invention. Rather, our elders were also using them in their times quite appreciably. However, until the recent times, so many changes have been made to fake eyelashes as compared to the ones used by our predecessors. For instance, in previous times, false eyelashes were made of natural hair attached to a strip of silk or something like gauze. Pieces of hair usually fell apart due to minimum bonding and these eyelashes didn’t often achieve the preferred look. Currently, fake eyelashes are much more reliable due to the latest technology and strong bonding which use the manufacturers.

What Are False Eyelashes Made Up Of?

There are normally 3 types of eyelashes available on the market. Here they are:

Synthetic Eyelashes

Man-made rubber and other recyclable materials are main ingredients in the making of eyelashes. These eyelashes are the cheapest to obtain but one cannot use it for a longer time-frame. It is better to use such type of fake eyelashes only once to avoid any sort of damage to skin. Since rubber is included in synthetic eyelashes, it can cause trouble to surrounding areas. This is one of the cheapest types of eyelashes available in the market.

Human Hair Eyelashes

This type of eyelashes consists of human hair and is totally safe to use for longer period of time. Human eyelashes are the most selling type of lashes in the market of retail packaging. And women prefer such type over others since it’s totally safe to apply them. Human lashes accurately provide natural look to your eyelashes. These are one of the most expensive types of lashes as they can last longer and are purely comfortable. There is one condition of using human lashes for a longer tenure and that is these must be sorted properly in a cool and dry place.

Mink Fur Eyelashes

Mink fur eyelashes are most expensive form of lashes that you could buy. They are typically hand-made and are composed of mink fur and tail. Mink is an animal of wild areas. Since there are no such preventions in wild where this animal resides, applying mink fur eyelashes can cause severe harm to your skin. One should also not apply it if one is allergic to such stuff. On the contrary, people who used mink fur eyelashes state that these are the most comfortable type of eyelashes. Frames the wall well and provides natural look as well.

How to start your own eyelashes business?

Since human hair eyelashes are the most selling type, we will let you know the process of creating your own home made human hair eyelashes by using the hair wasted during combing. You can either utilize your own, purchased or counterfeit hair for this purpose.

Truly, you can purchase false lashes all over, yet we will love to help you acquire new abilities. Furthermore, it’s an intriguing endeavor to create your own eyelash brand with your own hair.

You don’t need to trim your hair; it turns out absolutely great with the hairs in your hairbrush (on the off chance that you have issues with that – look into what non-remy hair expansions are made of).

Supplies that you require to make your own fake eyelashes

You need the following stuff to make wholesale eyelashes at home.

  • A piece of scrap wood
  • 2 semi long nails. If you have extra, it’s good.
  • Colored paper (for dark hair, light color is advisable and for light, it’s vice versa)
  • Glue stick

For The Lashes

  • A very strong thread (it must be close to the hair color that you are utilizing)
  • Real sharp scissors
  • A lash curler (preferably) or a kitchen towel, a pen and cloth pins
  • Nail glue
  • Lash glue
  • Lash holder
  • Toilet roll
  • Clear tape

Step 1: Set The Apparatus

Hammer 2 nails tightly into the scrap wood. The distance between two nails must be 6 inches. Then, colored paper must be glued into the scrap wood because the contrast makes it a little easier to see what you are doing. Knot the thread between the nails; bend out the nails to put it on tension.

Cardboard Setup


Step 2: Use Human Hair Wasted During Combing

In this step, you have to use human hair. It is advisable to use human hairs which are wasted during combing. Don’t cut your own hair instead. Double the hair and make a head knot around the thread. It’s a complicated process. But once you are done with this step. It will be easier for you to make the false eyelashes instantly.

Hair Brush

Step 3: Slide The Knot

Slide the knot until you achieve your desired thickness and position of your lashes. Your lash must be approximately and ideally 1.3 inches in length.

Step 4: Add Adhesive And Cut

After you are done with your desired position and thickness, the next step is to secure the knots on the thread. For this purpose, you can use transparent varnish or nail adhesive glue. Apply it in a thin manner; you only want to cover your knots.

Now let it dry. After that, cut the lashes into approximate length. Cut the thread, but you must leave some of the sides of the lashes as you need to cut that later.

Step 5:  Curling The Lashes

If you have a lash curler, then this step is not mandatory for you. If you don’t have it, then continue like this,

  • Put the lash onto the kitchen towel.
  • Place a pen or pencil and tightly roll it up.
  • Secure it with 2 cloth pins.
  • Pour boiling water onto the kitchen towel with the lashes in it rotated upwards.
  • Let it dry completely.

Step 6:  Lash Container

  • Cut a toilet roll into half.
  • Then, you need to cover one side with clear tape.
  • Cut the tapered part off.Cut The Cardboard

Step 7:  Cut Into Shape

The lashes now have a curl and you are almost done.

Tape the threads on the lashes onto recently made container and cut them with sharp scissors into the desired shape. Cut off the threads on the sides.

Step 8:  Ready to put them

Your strip lashes are ready to use!

You can put them ‘ON’ to enhance the beauty of your eyes. Add a thin line of lash adhesive and then you must wait 60 seconds to allow the adhesive material to dry. Cautiously center the false lash near the base of your natural eyelash until you feel the glue is dry.

Cut The Eye Lashes

Step 9: Add An Extra Touch

You completed your eyelashes now, it’s totally up to you if you want to add extra touch to your lashes. For instance, you can add glitter and/or other craft material to give your lashes extra awesome factor.

Many people in the US are creating their own lashes brand and some of them are so popular among masses. Producing your own lashes is not only eliminating unemployment ratio but also empowering many of its display packaging. People are earning handsome amount of profit by adopting homemade lashes business at home. Some of the vendors are even working at wholesale eyelash business level and are distributing their products worldwide.

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Eyelashes Finishing

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