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Cereal is one of the staples of American breakfast. Every US household has at least one cereal box in its pantry. With so many types and flavors of cereals, it is gaining widespread popularity. The demand is rising and with that comes the competition. Cereal manufactures have to up their game and quickly grab the consumer’s attention if they want to lead in sales. And how can they do it? With custom cereal boxes that are unique to their brand.

MK Printing Ads is here to facilitate the manufacturers in their quest to produce instantly eye-catching and captivating cereal boxes. We offer the best design and packaging solutions to our clients. In addition, we provide wholesale production of custom food boxes at extremely affordable prices.

The Importance of Custom Packaging for Cereal Boxes

Anyone in the sales business knows the importance of packaging. It is the first thing a potential customer sees in the supermarket aisle. If your packaging box doesn’t grab their attention, they are going to completely ignore it and move on to the one that does. There are many popular cereal box ideas currently in the market that succeed in capturing the attention of their customers. However, if you copy other’s designs in hopes that it will work magic for your business too, you’re wrong. What makes a packaging successful is how well it reflects the company’s message and how it will benefit the consumer. A personalized cereal box is the key to a good marketing strategy.

As a cereal box creator, know the need to customize the cereal box according to the requirements of the products. Any regular cardboard box with a few labels half-heartedly printed on it is not going to do the trick. Different kinds of cereals need different kinds of packaging. And we have everything you can possibly need!

Essentials of Custom Cereal Box Packaging

Here is a brief list of the essential elements you should look for in a customized cereal box.

  • Size and Dimensions – you should consider the size and dimensions of your custom cereal boxes depending on how many grams of cereal it will hold. Big, family pack cereal box sizes are most popular because they contain most products, eliminating the need for re-purchasing.
  • Foil Packaging – traditional cardboard cereal boxes are great. They are a fool-proof way to effective packaging. However, if you want to grab your customer’s attention through a different and exciting way, go for a foil cereal packaging. Foil pouches with zip-locks are different from the traditional cardboard boxes, thus adding the exciting element. Moreover, since they are airtight, they provide better protection to various kinds of cereals.
  • Protection to Contents – if the cereal goes stale inside the box, it is not going to be popular with the consumers. You need to make sure that the box you choose is airtight so the inside content does not absorb moisture.
  • Appropriate Labeling depending on the contents – it is very important that you inform your customers what they are ingesting. Cereal box labels are very crucial in this sense. If you offer 100% organic and preservative free cereals, make sure to put it on the packaging. Not only will it help customers make conscious decisions, but it will also help generate more sales.
  • Different Thematic designs and printing for kids, adults, etc. – print and color scheme of the cereal box depends on who your targeted customers are. For example, if you’re selling cereal for kids, we offer cute and attractive prints with cartoons and popular superhero characters. For adults, we offer healthy imagery that reflects the quality of the cereal.

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Why Partner with MK Printing Ads?

MK Printing Ads offer the best deals when it comes to wholesale cereal boxes. When you hire us, you can have the peace of mind that you are getting your money’s worth. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us.

Quality Material and Finishes

We use only high quality raw materials for the bulk production of custom cereal boxes. The cardboard ensures that no external elements get inside the package and ruin your product. Moreover, we offer a variety of finishes you can choose from. Some examples include, full UV coating, UV spot coating, Glossy Lamination, Matte lamination, etc.

Branding and Printing with Logo

Custom printed cereal boxes with Logo is a fundamental service that every packaging company should provide. We let out clients choose from hundred different fonts and styles for the branding of their logo. Not to mention, our experts ensure that each keyword gets the right amount of exposure on the packaging boxes.

Trusted Partner for Luxury Packaging

If you’re a seller of premium quality cereal and require equally premium packaging to go with it, we’re here for you. Regular cardboard boxes isn’t your only option. By using a selection of excellent quality materials, we provide luxury packaging for your luxury products.

On-Time Delivery

With MK Printing, you never have to worry about delayed orders. Quick delivery is not our mantra. We carefully estimated how long it will take to prepare your cereal boxes and ensure that we stick to the deadline given to you.

Eco-Friendly and Green

We strive to make our products as eco-friendly as we can. We do not use any plastic or other harmful materials that can affect the quality of your product. Our cardboard boxes, paperboard and Kraft material is decomposable.

100% Customer satisfaction

Our main goal is to satisfy our customers and provide them with products that we are proud to create. To ensure that all of our client’s requests are met, we allow you to design your own cereal box. Our customer services representative are ready to guide you at every turn.

No-Die and Plate Charges

MK Printing doesn’t charge you any hidden fees. Die-cut and Plating is included in the initial deal price.

Quick Turn Around / Fast Fulfillment

We have one of the quickest turnaround time in the packaging industry. You can expect mock ups of your order within 3 to 4 business days.

Packaging at Wholesale Rate

We offer affordable prices for wholesale of custom cereal boxes. Moreover, there are plenty of discounts and deals you can avail from. Furthermore, you can customize your own order to ensure that you are only paying for what you need.

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