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Remarkable Nature-friendly Hairspray Boxes Solution

Get customized Printed Hairspray Boxes at the cheapest rates from MK Printing Ads!

Hairsprays are amongst the most used grooming items by both males and females. With the rising demand, several brands are now selling hairsprays. As there are many options to choose from, consumers are now puzzled. You can take advantage of this situation by offering a hairspray box and packaging that stand out. MK Printing Ads offers you the opportunity to package your Hairsprays in such an elegant manner that any passer-by will not be able to take their eyes off of it. Our expertise in designing and printing together with your ideas enables us to create high-class custom hairspray boxes that leaves the consumers in awe. As a result, you will see your hairspray sales skyrocket! Let us explain why we’re the right option!

Why choose MK Printing Ads?

  • We make our printed custom cosmetic boxes from high-quality materials only.
  • You design the boxes! While placing your order, make sure to point out any design element you want, and we’ll have it ready.
  • We offer the cheapest rates throughout the US with the fastest turnaround!
  • Our customer service and technical expertise are incomparable to others
  • Boasting the latest printing and assembling technology, anything is possible with us!

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Skyrocket Your Hairspray Sales With MK Printing Ads!

MK Printing Ads Makes Boxes From High-Grade Materials

Flaunt the functionality of your Hairspray boxes without compromising on the looks. At MK Printing Ads, we use the best material to create custom hairspray boxes. You have the option to choose from E-flute Corrugated, Bux Board, Cardstock, or Eco-friendly Kraft. All these are excellent choices, so choose according to your budget. It’s not only the materials we use but that make these custom boxes secure, but also how we assemble these boxes. We employ special techniques like scoring, gluing, and perforating.

Hairsprays usually come in relatively restricted sizes. Either small or large, we can design boxes for any dimension or thicknesses ranging from 10pt to 28pt to make them as safe as possible. You do not need to worry about your hair spray; it will be utterly scratch-less inside the box.

We Make Your Premium Hairspray Boxes More Appealing

How good the sales will depend a lot on how your product packaging looks like. Being aware of this fact, your custom printed hairspray boxes must grasp the consumer’s attention, and there are specific ways you can achieve this. To make your product more appealing, use a combo of different colors available through our high-quality CMYK or PMS printing.

Focus on the logo of your custom printed hairspray box because it is the first thing a customer glances at. Our expert designers can help you even make a fantastic logo for your product. You can adorn your logo with different finishes, including gloss, gold/silver foil embossing, raised ink, etc. Setting a plain background can help your brand’s logo stand out.

To make it easier for customers to test your hairspray, we can add sliding doors to your custom hairspray boxes. This way, it will be convenient for consumers to get a hand on them. Adding product information is essential, as both men and females are very much concerned about their hair and potentially harmful effects your product can cause. Highlighting how your spray is healthier to the others can be a significant winning factor. Even mentioning it’s eco-friendly will win the hearts of environment-conscious individuals! Our experts can help in every step!

Customize Your Wholesale Hairspray Boxes As You Want

Opting for custom printed hairspray boxes is the right choice to enhance your hairspray box’s design. At MK Printing Ads, we give you full freedom to customize your hairspray box design. You can decide the place of the logo, and how big and how vivid it should be. We will employ box dimensions precisely according to the size of your hairspray. If you sell two different kinds with a slight change in size, we will create two different boxes! We can even make triangular boxes if you want!

In designing your box, you have a say on its finishing; a Matte or Glossy finish. Sophisticated and elegant boxes help you set an elite standard and improve your brand image, so make sure you carefully design your box. Spot UV can assist you in getting a balanced effect on your custom hairspray box. Gloss AV and Gloss UV are also available. We can install die-cut windows onto your custom hairspray box, as well, to make them more visible from afar. We can cut these windows in any shape. With these and some other add-ons, you can make your custom printed boxes more prominent and leave a considerable impression on the customers.

Still, confused about how to package your boxes? Our experts are here to guide you!

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Our priority is our customers, so order placing with us is as simple as it can get:

  1. Name the product and specify the dimensions.
  2. Choose your desired material.
  3. Select or Upload your design
  4. Tell us the number of boxes you need

To place your order, you need to go for at least 100 boxes. Discounts are available on bulk orders with a quick turnaround, between 6-8 days. Deliveries are free throughout the United States.

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