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Rigid Cardboard Packaging Box

Get the most elegant custom eyeshadow boxes at an incomparable price from MK Printing Ads.

With hundreds of cosmetic products to choose from, your eyeshadow needs to standout! To catch the consumer’s attention, your eyeshadow box needs to be dazzling, aesthetic, and safe all at the same time. Put your trust in MK Printing Ads, as we make printed eye shadow boxes from the best material available. While we understand our customers work under a specific budget, we try our best to satisfy all of your requirements. Packaging can make a vivid difference in sales and how the brand is perceived, and we’re ready to take care of that for you.

Why should you choose MK Printing Ads?

  • We offer unique boxes made from high-grade materials.
  • We will make the boxes according to the specifications you provide. The design will be a replica of the requirements laid down by you.
  • If you are unsure about how to design your desire box, our experts will create the most pleasing designs for you to catch the consumer’s eye.
  • We offer a rapid turn around and cheap deliveries throughout the United States.
  • Our cosmetic boxes are economical to purchase, and we work around your budget.

Industry-leading wholesale eyeshadow boxes available at the cheapest rates to oust your competitors!

Fully Customized Boxes That Suit Your Needs

With our printing technology and equipment, any design is possible. Our custom printed eyeshadow boxes are tailor-made. We let you suggest the smallest possible edits to satisfy your needs.

Women usually have an idea of what they’re going to buy. With a specific color in their mind, you want to make sure your eyeshadow pallet is visible from outside the box. We highlight your brand name as well as the product description. With hundreds of eyeshadow boxes given your customer, our printing will make yours much more visible.

Our artists understand the market and will guide you on the latest trends in personalized eyeshadow packaging. Due to the rising awareness about health, we always recommend you to mention all the details that might be useful for the purchaser because consumers are now susceptible to their skin.

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Serve Its Actual Purpose

Eyeshadow boxes are one of the most delicate pieces of makeup out there. If they fall unprotected, they will definitely break! When selecting the tailor-made cosmetic boxes, you should give priority to packaging quality.

At MK Printing Ads, we use the best quality cardboard available. Our experts identify how thick a box should be to keep your product perfectly safe. We understand selling a scarred product is very harmful to your company’s brand image.

Our tailor-made boxes are sturdy and can stand the test of time. While making sure the design is beyond beautiful, we in no way compromise on quality and convenience. We have to make sure it is easy to extract the eye shadow pallet from the box so that it isn’t a burden to carry. With a focus on both design and quality, you get the best of both worlds with us!

Astonishingly Low Rates

At MK Printing Ads, we believe in your satisfaction! We understand that your brand works on a tight budget, and you are looking to minimize the costs. Our custom eyeshadow boxes are available at a reasonably modest rate while still providing the most exquisite quality.

Special discounts are available for those of you purchasing in bulk. However, even if you buy small quantities, we will still accommodate you!

Being a business ourselves, we understand our customer’s restraints and try our best to help you in keeping the costs down while offering the top quality eyeshadow boxes.

A Short Delivery Time And Low Shipping Rates

We understand your urgency and ship your order in just a few days. The order will only take 6-8 days for delivery. And that’s not the best part! Shipping is available at low cost throughout the United States, regardless of where you’re situated.

We Keep Our Customers Happy!

Last but not least, we are proud of retaining our customers. Satisfying you has always been our most important goal, and it makes us happy as a company having 90% customer retention!

We do not need to speak further, as this statistic describes our quality and promise. Our customers only stick with us because they get the printed boxes that speak volumes about their products. It is a standard for us, and we treat everyone the same way, supplying the best at the cheapest rate!

MK Printing Ads reads your feedback with diligence. We deal with all registered complaints appropriately according to our company policies. We are always ready to cooperate with you or even provide a refund under our policy guidelines.

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