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Get Innovative Custom Printed Tuck Boxes Packaging

Custom tuck boxes by MK Printing Ads are safety providing boxes that are used to pack small items. These are considered the best conventional packaging boxes that manufacturers need for the storage and attractive display of their products. Tuck end boxes basically have an opening and closing of flaps as their governing feature, the route they offer to access product out of its box. That is why they are able to imprint good impression upon the customers’ mind. These tucking flaps also provide good strength to the product packed inside.

MK’s custom tuck top boxes are the most popular packaging solution throughout USA

One of the major functions of these tuck boxes is that your customer can easily open the flaps and look into the product as many times as he wants. The firm tuck of these boxes gives easy locking which provides security to your product from falling out of the box. This makes custom tuck flap boxes by MK prominent all around the United States. The sort of quality we providing to our customers is purely matchless and this is what makes us high rated achievers throughout the States.

MK is a reliable name in the manufacturing of custom card tuck boxes.

Unique tuck end boxes can be manufactured in any shape, size and color as per the requirement of our clients. However, for high-end printing and quality, efficiency is required. MK is a reliable name when it comes to the production of window tuck box packaging. We are ultimate service provider in the field of customized gift packaging boxes. Standing apart in the market, MK Ads has achieved this notable rank through its quality services to its valuable customers.

Print your Company Logo or Product Details on Wholesale Tuck Flap Boxes

We have the tendency to satisfy its customers by giving them unmatched technical services. Our customers are free to imprint their organization’s logo or product details on their custom reverse tuck boxes.
It requires a lot of skill as it is a very critical task to do. Our dedicated designers and other staff do this with ease. This feature will also help you as a marketing stunt to public your brand.

Following are the types of MK’s creative tuck boxes which are prominent and popular all around

  • Straight tuck end boxes
  • Reverse tuck end boxes
  • Auto lock bottom
  • Seal-end

Straight tuck end boxes have closing on the same side from top to bottom whereas reverse tuck end boxes are the boxes which have closure on the opposite ends. Auto-lock bottom itself explains as tuck boxes are lockable from the bottom. There are tucks that are tuck-able into each other for locking. Moreover, to give a different style to custom tuck end boxes, there is also available a tuck box with a sealed end. The box is everlastingly locked from below.

Why is MK Printing Ads the First Choice of Customers?


MK has the best customer support department in the market which makes us trustworthy and reliable. We always believe in customer relationship. Customer support is our biggest advantage and our customers always value it at their heart.


MK Ads never compromise on quality. We assure our customers the best quality throughout the process. Brilliance in quality on our part has made our customers loyal to us.

All custom sizes and shapes

We have the tendency to manufacture unique tuck boxes in almost all sizes and shapes. You will never have to worry in this regard. This makes us stand out from our competitors.


MK Printing’s designing department is unique in the sense that we have a wide range of impressive designs for your custom tuck card boxes available all the time. Our expert designers can solve your worries regarding the design in no time. We are justly proud of our designing department which is second to none in the international market.


The world has become a hub of pollution which is harming the environment. MK Printing Ads wholesale tuck printed boxes are never adding to this pollution, for these are eco-friendly, recyclable and biodegradable.

Economical & fast delivery

MK provides its services at a nominal and competitive wholesale price and always believes in customer relationship. Moreover, we value your time and business requirements. Hence, we try our best to manufacture and ship real fast to meet our targets even before their deadline.

Matte, UV and glossy

Our custom reverse tuck end boxes are wrapped up with glossy, UV and matte finish which makes them exceptional in the market. These add-ons make your product more worthy and charming.  Customers can choose any of them as per their requirement and budget.

High grade material

MK Printing Ads always use high grade A+ material. We never go below our standards and this has made us leaders in the market.

Easy approach

We are readily available to our customers round the clock via their direct visits, phone calls, E-mails, etc. Our efficient staff members get back to you instantly if you drop a message or call on any of our contacts.


Be prompt to contact MK Printing Ads if you have a query regarding wholesale tuck printed boxes for your brand items. You will feel proud of your decision to proceed with us.

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