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Noodle Boxes

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Authentic Chinese Noodle Boxes

Noodles have become a food staple across the globe, and people of all age groups love and enjoy them. Regardless of where you eat noodles, you will always be able to identify the rich tastiness of Asian cuisine in them.

While noodles are scrumptious, they are a tricky food item to package due to their sauciness. This is the reason most noodle containers get soggy and break. However, with custom noodle boxes from MK Printing Ads, you’ll not have to worry about catastrophes of this sort!

Our noodle packaging is made to withstand the strain of hot and soupy food. In addition to being sturdy, our custom noodle boxes are highly customizable and super snazzy.

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Personalized Noodle Packaging

Noodles come with so many different seasonings and flavors; it would be an injustice to pack them all up in monotonous boxes. The custom noodle boxes should give your customers insight into what is inside. You could also list all the ingredients on the noodle container to let your consumers know the nutritional value of what they are eating.

We offer a multitude of color and design options for your noodles. Pick a uniform style for all your boxes, or get unique designs for the variety of noodles you offer. For example, you can use red noodle packaging for spicier items and more subtle colors for the blander types.

Boxes That Keep Your Noodles Intact

Noodle packaging isn’t as simple to plan like most other kinds of food packaging. Noodles are always enjoyed hot and fresh. They may also contain sauce, which contributes majorly to the overall taste of the dish. Since they are so saucy and wet, the ink used in packaging sometimes contaminates them. The ideal noodle container must be able to hold the heat and all the contents within without causing leakages or spoiling the noodles.

We understand this expectation, so we design our custom noodle boxes to fulfill these requirements. The containers we make are thick enough to retain the freshness of the noodles. We also fortify them to prevent spills. We make use of high-grade raw materials in construction. It helps us ensure hygiene and health, keeping external and unhealthy substances at bay.

Another issue with packaged noodles is they get mushy due to their excess movement. It ruins the texture and lessens the appeal of the dish. Our sturdy noodle packaging prevents this by keeping your noodles unharmed and fresh to your customers’ place.

Why Our Noodle Containers Are Accredited in the US

Over the years, we have garnered national acclaim for the top-notch quality and durability of our food packaging, especially for our custom noodle boxes. Our clientele consists of loyal and happy customers. They have stayed with us for our dedication to maintaining superior standards.

Our Manufacturing Unit pays close attention to the material we use for our containers to ensure we only use the best kind. They craft every single noodle container to perfection, so the finished product never disappoints. When you get your custom noodle boxes from MK Printing Ads, you get our guarantee that your consumers will never be unsatisfied with your noodle packaging.

We value the image that we have created in our customers’ minds and make every attempt to stay true to our reputation. We understand that we owe this fame to the positive feedback our consumers have given us. So, we make sure that our customer is always pleased with our product.

Wholesale Noodles Boxes

We understand noodles are one of your hottest selling items. Therefore, you will need your containers in large quantities. Keeping this need in mind, we’ve launched a wholesale noodles boxes option. The perfect solution to keeping your costs low and your noodles fresh!

Order our custom noodle boxes in bulk right now for a more economical purchase!

How to Place Your Order

Placing your order with us is very simple; just follow the steps below:

Pick your preferred material

The material you choose is very critical since noodles are a tricky food item to package. The noodle packaging needs to be healthy and moisture-proof, so this step is crucial. You should take your time to reach a decision.

Pick the Right Style

We offer a wide range of custom noodle boxes suited for the variety of ways you cook your noodles. This choice will influence the freshness and taste of your noodles, so give due diligence in this step. In case you’re a little lost and need guidance, our design team is always available to help you make the right decision. Just click the little green icon on the left corner of this page and chat away!

Choose or upload your custom design

The packaging of your food is very crucial since it reflects your brand. It also builds your perception in the consumer’s mind. Therefore, you need to pick visuals that you can keep in the long run, and that can help your company stand out from the competition.

Pick the right quantity for you

The number of boxes you need will determine the overall cost of your order. Our wholesale noodle boxes option will let you get more boxes for a lower price.

Confirm your Order

Once you’ve finalized your order, we will reach out to confirm your order. We will need your confirmation before we can process your order.

Get ready to receive your shipment!

Depending on your preferences, you can expect your order delivered within the week! This is what makes us the unparalleled leaders of designing and packaging industry