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Wholesale Kraft Printed Apparel Boxes

To be looking for custom Kraft apparel boxes for your prestigious brand is absolutely safe and awesome. If you are thinking to start your own clothing business or already running a clothing brand and want to inspire your customers. Custom apparel boxes will serve the purpose for you. Custom Kraft apparel boxes by MK Printing Ads are the easiest and safest way to pack clothes and their accessories. These customized boxes are made up of Kraft material which is ranked as one of the finest materials in the industry.

MK is serving the purpose quite well, satisfying its valuable clients by providing them excellent and beautiful custom Kraft logo apparel boxes as per their requirements. Right from the time it stepped its foot into the business of providing eco-friendly packaging services to its customers. MK has earned a remarkable and positive response from its end users. We never look back, but always try our best to provide unique and beautifully ornamented packaging solutions to our beloved customers. Our unique Kraft apparel boxes are a superb example of our loyalty and commitment towards our profession and clients.

Enhance Your Brand’s Outlook by Custom Logo Kraft Apparel Boxes

By using wholesale Kraft apparel logo boxes from MK Printing Ads. You can easily enhance the outlook of your branded product to its maximum. These Kraft boxes, available at competitive wholesale price, come in different sizes according to the clothes size and other accessories such as shirts, tie, socks, etc. These are also available in different styles and shapes. As custom Kraft boxes are made from biodegradable material. And their normal color is brown, but with the skills of professionals working in MK’s packaging, these boxes can be given any color of our customers’ choice.

What extra-ordinary do our custom Kraft apparel boxes add to your brand?

MK Ads custom Kraft apparel box is believed to be holding the top most position due to the following reasons:

  • It adds texture to your clothing brand.
  • MK Printing Ads custom apparel gift packaging boxes are safe and protect your clothing items from being damaged and torn.
  • They attract customers towards your brand by their uniqueness regarding their design, shape and quality.
  • They help to promote and publicize your brand which ultimately increases sales and revenue.
  • The unique design of Kraft gift boxes by MK allows a direct and easy access to the products. Which packed in them meaning thereby the retailer doesn’t have to open the complete box.

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Why choosing MK Printing Ads alone is enough for your branded product?

Quality Assurance

MK Printing Ads always work for the satisfaction of our esteemed customer. And this can be achieved by providing them quality services.

Meeting Deadlines

MK Printing Ads holds the capability to produce the orders before its deadlines. We are achieving this due to our expert staff and state-of-the-art machinery.


We believe that the right way to satisfy your customer is to be indulged in a better communication with him. If he is having any difficulty or issue. Communication is the best source to eradicate the concern.

All dimensions

MK Printing can manufacture a perfect packaging solution of any design in any size. We have the capability of producing Kraft gift boxes in all sizes and shapes.

Matte Finish

All our wholesale Kraft apparel boxes are manufactured with matte finish on our customers’ demand. Apart from matte finish, we also have UV coating finish which our clients can select as per their design and requirement.

Environment friendly

MK Printing Ads uses eco-friendly material which does not spread carbon dioxide and can easily be recycled.

Competitive Rates

MK provide affordable Kraft apparel boxes at reasonable prices. This does not mean that quality can be degraded. We never compromise on quality.

Under one roof

We are providing all facilities under one roof. From designing till manufacturing, we are facilitating our customer in every possible way. This distinguishes us from our competitors in the market.

Request free design template

We are providing our customers free sample designs to check and confirm the quality, size, shape and print of the custom Kraft apparel box packaging. This makes us unique in this field of customized boxes.

Customer Support department

Our customer support department is equipped with knowledge and can resolve your queries instantly. Just give us a call and discuss your query and we will provide you the best solution.

If you have any question regarding custom Kraft apparel boxes. MK Printing is the right place for your packaging solution.

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