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Custom Invitation Box
Custom Invitation Box
Custom Invitation Box

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Whenever you are going to arrange a wedding ceremony or organize a party or a function. Invitation logo boxes become the need of the hour. These boxes have got so much significant in the recent past that every organizer wants to opt them to make his event a memorable one. Realizing this very importance of the invitation gift boxes, MK Printings came up with some excellent ideas regarding the form and design of these boxes.  Moreover, customers want to go with their own personal designs to inspire their dear and loved ones with such a wonderful way of invitation. Again, MK Printing is here to facilitate its customers once more. Your invitation to your loved ones via MK Printing custom printed boxes will make them remember your event till life and they will keep this box as a memorandum of your precious moments.

Our boxes are now becoming an alternative for the old-fashioned envelope invitations. MK Printing Ads has jumped into the market of custom retail boxes and within a short span of time has conquered the market with so many positive feedbacks. MK Printing Ads is an ultimate service provider for your packaging solutions.

Affordable Wedding Invitation Gift Boxes Packaging with Logo

Custom invitation boxes have replaced old conventional invitation cards that people used to send in the past on their wedding occasions. Presently, there is a trend of custom wedding boxes for wedding invitations. Everyone is looking for an innovative method to make his wedding memorable and to attract more guests to attend their ceremony. Custom wedding boxes from MK Printing Ads will stand out in terms of shape, design and color. And the material used by MK Ads will speak for itself. MK Printing Ads has the habit to make your guests dance by producing unmatched custom wedding boxes as per your requirement.

Personalized Party Invitation Retail Boxes

Whether you are throwing a birthday party, a business success party or whatever motive you have behind organizing a party. The first thing that attracts your audience is custom party invitation packaging. Custom invitation party boxes have now become an integral part of parties. MK Printing Ads is providing services to so many clients with such remarkable positive outcome. The sort of services providing by MK cannot be compared by any of the competitor in the market.

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Phases of MK Printing Ads

Designing Phase: This is the first phase of manufacturing process. If customer is having its own design, our experts prepare design as per customer’s idea and requirement. On the other hand, if they don’t have any specific design in their mind, our exports sit with our valuable clients, listen to them accordingly and purpose a design for them.

Printing Phase: The second step of MK is printing. Here, after producing a successful design as per client satisfaction, MK Printing Ads send it to the printing department. One of the best stuff from MK Printing Ads is that it always shows samples to its customers to confirm the size, shape and design of the invitation box. This makes us stand out in the market. In the printing phase, all the printing work is done with perfection and under the continuous monitoring of the printing manager and other subordinates of the department.

Packaging Phase: This is considered to be the final phase in the manufacturing process. Custom invitation boxes which are passed from the printing stage now have to undergo the process of personalized retail packaging. Our knowledgeable packaging staff uses their expertise to pack the material with ease. Experts of MK Ads hold final inspection before sending packaging boxes to the dispatch department where they are ready to be delivered or collected as per agreement.

Why MK Printings is Best in the Field of Retail Packaging!

  • Unmatched Production facility: MK Printing Ads production facility is second to none. We are providing all services under one roof which makes us an ultimate choice for our customers.
  • State-of-the-art machinery: MK Printing Ads never compromise over the latest technology and equipments. The state-of-the-art machinery makes MK Printing Ads as leaders in the market.
  • Never compromise over quality: MK Printing Ads always believe in client relationship. To attain this, we always strive for the best quality which makes our customers loyal and durable.
  • Free Samples: MK Printing Ads always keep itself in constant contact with the customer right from the beginning till delivery. One of best examples of such an approach is that MK Printing Ads hand over free samples on customer demand. This makes us unique and pioneers.
  • Eco friendly invitation boxes: MK Printing Ads believe in green environment. For this, we always use high class material which do not erupt combustion and carbon dioxide.
  • All sizes & shapes: MK has the capability to manufacture all sizes and shapes of retail boxes. This function makes us as leaders in the market.

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