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Hair Extension Boxes at MK Printing Ads are Excellent Custom Packaging Solutions

MK Printing presents the best way to pack hair extension materials, ensuring no harm to their beauty, quality and intactness.

As an expert packaging solution provider, MK Printing Ads is well ahead in producing specified wig/hair extension boxes covering various dimensions and in bulk quantity at reasonable wholesale competitive prices. No compromise is there over the standards set for luxury and facility to your dear clients. You can trust MK for boosting up your sales through fulfilling the specific demands of your valued customers.

Unique Packaging Designs Are Created for Custom Hair Extension Boxes at MK Printing Ads

Fashion items like hair extensions become secured and well presentable after being packed in MK custom hair extension boxes, making the buyers spell-bound and inclined to buy them instantly.

The compatibility of MK Printing Ads for the need of custom hair extension boxes

MK Printing Ads is always compatible with the fashion world on its way towards launching the ever-new trends and products in almost every walk of life. Likewise, in hair management industry, where every salon and artist is crazy about doing a flawless hair makeover to its clients, MK Printing Ads is assisting them with its smart packing solutions for the hair extension products.

With the efficiently packed hair extensions by MK Printing, they can easily add length, volume and fullness to the hair in order to create a charming style of their own. Hair extensions packed in versatile custom beauty packages from MK Printing are there to help them achieve their goal in a smooth and comfortable way and, hence, their demand is ever increasing in the fashion industry. These extensions, superbly packed in handsome looking customized boxes at MK, can be glued, clipped or even sewed to the hair and will, therefore, remain an ever growing fashion trend for many years to come.

What is the core mission of MK Printing Ads in this regard?

The core mission of MK Printing Ads is to provide the best packaging and printing services to help your business of hair extensions grow fast and make you stand out in the market.

With their best skills and experience, the expert team at MK Printing Ads converts your imagination into reality. We collect the requirements from our customers and produce custom hair extension boxes in the best precise way possible. We try our level best to deliver to our customers the unique versatility using our real excellence. Durable material and quality production methods are used to manufacture innovative printed boxes with extraordinary design printing. Our custom hair extension boxes wholesale are offered at the best competitive market rates as well.

Mk Printing Ads supports the fact that all the hair extensions agencies or companies need a true hair extension packaging supplier to provide them with custom hair extension boxes to pack their products safe and sound. MK Printing Ads is such a true packaging provider that every manufacturer can trust it blindly and confidently.

Features included in luxury hair extension boxes from MK Printing Ads

We facilitate your business of hair extension products with our wholesale hair packaging solutions having the following appealing features.

  • Personalized hair extension packaging endows you with the facility to get your required dimensions, style, shape and final apparent look well accomplished by our superb manufacturing skills. No matter whatever you need, you will get it from MK Printing Ads.
  • Custom window cut out let your customer see what is packed inside, making it easy for him or her to decide whether or not to buy it. This feature shows your trust in your product that your customer will buy it in any case.
  • Gold or silver foiling gives your hair product box a look that entices your customer, and he or she finds it impossible to get distracted from your product and buys it on the spot. How gorgeous!
  • Raised ink or thermographic printing is another very useful and attractive thing our packaging offers for your product to make it attractive and charming even from a distance. Likewise, embossing and debossing both add a decent and valued look to the wholesale hair packaging which appeals to the customers.
  • PVC Sheet and Spot UV make a real difference to the final outlook of your custom hair extension box and you will definitely feel proud while presenting it to your clients. The areas finished through the application of UV add a glamorous charm to the custom hair extension boxes wholesale.
  • Hang tab is there to facilitate the customer more and more, making it easy for him or her to carry it along without any fuss and hang it to a peg whenever required.
  • Pull out/drawer boxes are another option showing the versatility we offer to our customers to boost their business by presenting a healthy option to their clients.
  • Flip box is undoubtedly the choice of a number of customers who want to feel unique and different from others. A number of hair packaging companies are turning to packing the hair extensions in custom boxes with a flip.
  • Lid box for professional hair extensions is again a different style packaging solution for the customers having a taste for it and feeling comfortable with this option. You can remove the lid and replace it after looking at the product packed inside. So simple!

Some additional special services from MK Printing Ads regarding wholesale packaging boxes for hair extensions

The packaging done with special additional care at MK Printing Ads shows our loyalty  to your business uplift and brings you back again and again for more quality added services.

No die and plate charges

No die and plate charges are ever taken from the customer. Mk Printing Ads afford it for its clients to keep them away from any extra expenses.

Quick turnaround

Quick turnaround even for the bulk orders at the real competitive prices makes MK Printing Ads stand apart from the whole market of packaging solutions for the specified hair extension products.


The use of eco-friendly, recyclable and biodegradable material in the production of hair packaging solutions not only shows a modern ethical global trend but also adds brand value to your custom hair extension box.

Cost Effective

Reliable and cost-effective customized hair extensions packaging wholesale are the chief most characteristic of MK Printing Ads.

Safest storage

Safest storage of the product with 100% satisfaction of the customer is the ultimate goal set for our manufacturing at MK Printing.

Customized Design

Customized and totally free design is also offered at Mk Printing to save the customers from increasing their cost.

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