Custom Chinese Food Boxes
Custom Chinese Food Boxes
Custom Chinese Food Boxes
Custom Chinese Food Boxes
Custom Chinese Food Boxes

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When it comes to food packaging boxes, MK Printing Ads is one of the most reliable companies on the market. We provide high-quality food boxes especially designed for Chinese cuisine and other Asian cuisines. Our Chinese take out containers ensure that the quality of the food is not affected in any way. There are a number of features on the food packaging boxes that keep your meals fresh and yummy. At MK Printing Ads, we offer bulk production of Chinese food boxes at wholesale price. We also take orders for customized food boxes in any way they want.

Why do you Need Special Chinese Food Boxes? Why not Regular food Packaging?

We can all agree that there is a distinct difference in various cuisines. Each cuisine reflects its culture. In fact, food is one of the most essential part of any culture. Just like every cuisine is made differently, it requires a different sort of packaging. There are many reasons for that. First of all, the food is made with made with exotic ingredients that require protection from external elements. For example, most Chinese dishes use a variety of noodles and seafood, which can quickly go bad. A regular food take out box made for burgers is not appropriate for Chinese food. Chinese food to go boxes need to ensure larger shelf life.

Second, one of the reasons people order Chinese cuisine is because of the culture. They want to experience a different culture and food that is vastly different from their own. So it will be a let down if their Chinese food came in an American style food packaging box. To give your customers the full cultural experience, the take out food box should also have elements from the Chinese culture. For example, choosing red as the primary color for your Chinese food carton is a good idea. That is because red is considered an auspicious color which is also featured in many traditional food items and places. You can also include traditional sayings and quotes on the outside of the box.

Having a specific box for Chinese food is so important that it has its own category. It is called Oyster Pail. It is deeper than regular food containers and has a metal or plastic wire to use as the handle. The depth helps facilitates the use of chopsticks so you can easily grab food inside.

Amazing Features that make Our Chinese Food Boxes different from Others

Now, that we’ve established why you need Chinese food cartons,  here are the reasons you should choose ours.

Efficient Design

The overall design and attractive looks of our Chinese food containers serve as an excellent marketing tool. If you run a restaurant or other food delivery service, you need take out boxes with efficient design that also do advertising for you. So that your customers order from you more.

Origami-like Folded box

Our Chinese food boxes are made with origami like structure. They are easy to fold and assemble. Plus, the cracks allow some steam to escape which ensure that your food doesn’t get soggy during delivery.

Convertible into plates

If you don’t like eating in a box, these container can also be unfolded into a sort-of plate. You can throw it away after enjoying your meal to the fullest.


one of the best selling points of our food boxes is that they are microwaveable. The custom cardboard boxes for food are safe to put inside a microwave to warm up the food. We recognize that this is a common problem when it comes to food boxes. Because food tends to get cold during delivery, it loses its taste and freshness. Therefore, to ensure that your customers can enjoy food to the fullest, they can warm it up in the microwaveable containers.

Easy to Carry

we offer packaging options with or without handles. However, having handles makes the Chinese cardboard boxes extremely portable and easy to carry. These handles can either be made of metal wire, plastic or paper. Keep in mind that food boxes with metal wire should not be put into the microwave. So, if you choose that option, make certain to warn your customers.

Eco-Friendly Material

Since the purpose of these boxes is to store foods, it is necessary that manufacturers do not use any material that is harmful to ingest. Our eco-friendly food boxes are not harmful for the environment. Additionally, you can opt for Kraft, which is 100% biodegradable material.

Variety of Finishes

To ensure that none of the paper-y taste seeps into the food, the boxes have a protective finish. You can choose from a variety of finishes, such as Gloss Lamination, Matte Lamination, UV spotting, Embossing, Foiling, etc.

Traditional and Ethnic Decorations

It is important to make the outside as pretty as the inside contents. If the quality and taste of the food is the chef’s responsibility, the attractiveness is ours. We offer a variety of traditional Chinese prints and patterns, with vibrant colors and thematic images.

Food Gift Boxes

these boxes are so attractive that they can be used for gift-giving too. In addition to boxes for take out, we offer Chinese Food Gift Boxes that you can use to give someone cookies and traditional Chinese sweets as a present.

Completely Customizable

the size and dimension of the boxes can be customized according to our client’s request. Moreover, you can customize a Chinese food box with Logo in a completely unique way that reflect your brand value. At MK Printing, we prioritize our clients and their needs.

Why Choose MK Printing Ads Packaging?

Apart from the reason that we provide the best looking and most efficient Chinese food boxes on the market, here are other reasons you should choose MK Printing Ads.

  • High Quality Material
  • Packaging at Wholesale Rate / Affordable Prices
  • Superior Printing with Logo
  • Trusted Partner for Luxury Packaging
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Green and Eco-Friendly
  • No-Die and Plate Charges
  • Reliable and Cost Effective
  • Quick Turn Around / Fast Fulfillment
  • 100% Customer satisfaction

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