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Custom Printed Cardboard Boxes On Demand!

The importance of cardboard logo boxes cannot be neglected in any era. These boxes are very handy in our daily lives, for they serve a great deal in retail packaging. Mainly, custom cardboard boxes are used to transport fragile goods effectively.

Some products require extra care and handling and cannot be shipped in ordinary boxes. For this purpose, manufacturers opt for wholesale boxes made by MK to fulfil their needs of packaging and shipment. Due to the strength and durability of these boxes. They have gained huge attention of manufacturers for their branded items.

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What Status We've Achieved Regarding Custom Made Cardboard Boxes?

Carrying thicker walls and strong bases, custom designed cardboard boxes by MK is reflective solution of production industry for safe freight of their products. MK offers retail packaging boxes in all sizes and shapes and the quality of our custom sized cardboard boxes is unmatched. Since its introduction to the market of wholesale boxes. We satisfied so many customers by providing them exemplary services. Our dedicated and committed services in this context have declared us the undisputed pioneers and leaders in the packaging industry.

Some of the peculiar services offered by MK Ads are as follows:

Alluring Designs

We offer custom cardboard shipping boxes in a wide range of designs and colors. The type of printing and packaging provided by has no alternative. MK offers the latest practices along with the digital and offset printing services to its valued customers. All this makes our unique cardboard logo boxes appealing and attractive.

 “Your Requirement” Our Responsibility

MK is taking care of packaging needs for so many manufacturers and retailers in the United States. We are also providing cardboard boxes custom made which manufacturers store according to their inventory. These also prove themselves cost-effective in the long run. With the advantage of latest equipment, we have the capacity of handling your personal boxes needs easily.

Glossy, Matte & UV Finish

MK Printing is offering its valuable clients the services regarding conferring a perfect finish to their custom design cardboard boxes with add-ons like glossy, matte and UV finish as per their budget. This not only makes the boxes decorative but also attracts customers towards your brand.

Why do People Choose Us?


We believe that we can win the trust and loyalty of our customers by providing them quality products. We deliver what we believe best in terms of quality, leaving no stone unturned on our part.

All custom sizes and shapes

We can produce all types of sizes and shapes of a custom display boxes cardboard, which makes us pioneer in the market. It really proves convenient to our loyal customers to find whatever they require for their product with respect to size and shape.


MK has the tendency to design any unique box even if it’s in a minor size. Our experienced designers are always present for you. If you don’t have any specific design in your mind. You can get benefit of our designers. They will readily design it for you.


With global warming at its peak, both businesses and customers are searching for sustainable packaging needs. MK’s boxes are eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable. These features make them unique and reliable in the market.

Economical & fast delivery

We provide our services at a nominal price and always believe in customer relationship. You can buy from us in bulk at wholesale competitive rates. Moreover, we manufacture and ship fast enough to surprise our customers as well as competitors.

All around Communication

MK Printing has an advantage in the form of best customer support department. Our staff is so knowledgeable and expert that they tend to resolve your queries in no time. Customer support is our biggest asset and our customers always love it from the cores of their heart.

Satisfaction of MK Printing Ads’ Loyal Customers

Whether you are aiming the food sector, selling gifts, sending the household items or ordering cardboard boxes for simple product wrapping. Our custom logo cardboard boxes will never let you down. These are multi layered cardboard structured protection and thus ideal for shipping and delivery. We always try our best to satisfy its valuable customers and that’s why we accept the custom design order. Just send the boxes specifications and we will replicate them in a perfect way. Our designers will design these boxes in any shape, size, design and color preferences according to the requirements of your product. Our customization service is mainly targeted towards your satisfaction.

Availability to the customers

MK Printing Ads institutes a 24/7 support for its customers. If you have any query related to custom cardboard boxes with logo, please feel free to contact us. We assure you the best of our services at very competitive prices. You can also reach us via our website or leave a message and our customer support staff will touch you back as soon as possible.

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