Chinese Food Take out Box
Custom Chinese Food Boxes
Custom Chinese Food Boxes
Custom Chinese Food Boxes
Custom Chinese Food Boxes
Custom Chinese Food Boxes

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Looking for the Perfect Chinese Food Take out Boxes? We’ve got it!

Asian food is popular worldwide due to its diversity, especially Chinese food. Chinese cuisine offers your taste buds a delicate balance of flavors that is novel to you. Once you’ve tasted it, you can’t help but keep coming back for more. To satisfy the cravings of the mass population, Chinese food restaurants, and take out places have to up their game. They need to provide their customers with the best possible service, one aspect of which, is good quality Chinese take out boxes. We hear a lot of customers complain about the quality of food degrading in the take out containers during the delivery time. If you want to survive in the industry, you need to ensure that your food containers do not have this problem.

That’s why, MK Printing Ads and Packaging is here to take this issue off your hands. We offer some of the best Chinese Food Take out boxes in the market. They are made with excellent quality material with protective coatings and beautiful designs that are simply mesmerizing. Not only do they look good but they also function well. And all this at extremely affordable wholesale prices!

So, contact us at today and get a custom quote!

Give your Customers a Cultural Experience with Exquisite Chinese Containers

Ever wonder why Chinese food has a different take out box than other cuisines? And why is it a universal norm to deliver Chinese food in special to-go boxes? It’s because of the culture. Chinese food take out boxes are called oyster pails. They are so called because they were originally used to eat oysters, a common food in China. Oyster pail boxes are deeper than regular food boxes because Chinese cuisine is eaten with chopsticks. The design of oyster pails compliments the culture. So, get exquisite Chinese take out boxes with beautiful ethnic designs to give your customers the full food experience.

Keep the Food Fresh for Longer with Oyster Pails

Chinese to go boxes use an origami like structure that easily folds and unfolds. This feature makes them easier to assemble during rush hour at the restaurant without much effort. Moreover, the little openings around the seems to allow some steam to escape, ensuring that your food doesn’t get soggy from excess moisture but still stays warm. The inner side of oyster pails has a protective coating to prevent the cardboard from affecting the food’s taste.

Give your Customers a Cultural Experience with Exquisite Chinese Take Out Containers

Although, Chinese Take out boxes have a pretty standard structure and design, you can still make some adjustments to your choice. The size and dimensions are completely up to you. We provide customized food boxes in every size and dimension. The origami like structure allows the box to close in itself, but you can opt for various other choices.

Choose from hundreds of Beautiful Oriental Templates

We have a wide range of pre-made templates with beautiful oriental themes and specific dimensions. All you need to is to add your brand logo and make other tweaks to personalize it. All of our templates features traditional Chinese imagery, landscape and oriental icons, etc. Our team of expert designers takes inspirations directly from the Chinese culture and strive to represent it in an appropriate way.

Stand out from your Competitors with the Latest Printing Techniques

When every other packaging company out there promises you similar products, you might wonder, why choose us? The answer is simple. We provide the best looking Chinese take out boxes that feature beautiful designs and patterns. Using the latest printing techniques, such as offset printing or digital printing, we make sure every little graphic on the package is clear and concise. This minute attention to detail is what makes the take out containers look premium.

Advertise your Brand with Personalized Logo and Restaurant Info

Packaging is one of the best ways to advertise your brand. We allow our clients to create personalized Chinese take out boxes by using their Logo and brand info. If you run a restaurant, your brand name along with your address and contact info will go on the top of the page to ensure maximum exposure. We can also write anything else you want or think necessary, on the box, for example, ingredients or food allergy warnings, etc.

Get the Best Wholesale Prices with MK Printing

MK Printing Ads and Packaging offers wholesale Chinese food take out boxes at affordable prices. All of our prices are extremely reasonable and reflect the amount of hard work and effort we put in making your order. We also offer Luxury Packaging but at a higher rate. Note that there is no hidden charges of any sort in our price tags. We do not charge anything for die and plate. However, if you’re looking for something low-budget, we can work together to come up with a customized plan that works for you.

We Guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction

MK Printing Ads is known for providing 100% Customer Satisfaction. Since we work closely with our clients and take their input at every turn, they find no reason to complain. We make certain to accommodate them in any way they want. For example, if you want to use 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable materials, we’ve got you covered. All of our raw materials are eco-friendly.

Got a Question? Our Customer Service is Ready to Support You

Still confused? Got a query to ask? Check or Frequently Asked Questions or Contact our Customer Service Representatives. They are always here to answer any question you might have. No need to hesitate and just contact us at with your question. We’re happy to always be of service to you.