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Eye-catching Features and Affordable Prices

Mk Printing Ads and Packaging offer a large assortment of custom cake boxes perfect for every business, be it small, locally owned, or giant mainstream brands. We are one of the most prominent manufacturers of Cake Packaging Boxes. Our custom made cake boxes not only upgrade the looks but also retain the freshness and taste of your cakes. We customize everything according to the requirements of our valued customers, e.g. design, printing, dimensions, finishing, colors, etc. Our priority is to create cake boxes our clients can be proud to sell their customers. Not to mention our affordable wholesale prices are nothing to be ignored.

But Why Do You Need Custom Designed Cake Boxes?

You might think, spending time, money, and effort on custom cake box packaging is useless because it ends up in the trash can anyway. It’s better to spend all of the resources on the actual products you’re selling. Why design your own cake boxes when there are perfectly fine and cheap options available in the market? You don’t need custom designed cake boxes.

Wrong. You do need custom packaging. True, it shouldn’t be the highlight of your business but if you neglect it, your business is going to suffer. Packaging is an important aspect of Marketing. It is the first thing your customers notice, even before they’ve had a taste of your cake. Before they even judge whether the cake is delicious or not, they’re going to judge it by its cover – the cake box.

Therefore, it is really significant that you grab the attention of your customers with beautiful, colorful, and elegant custom cake boxes. If you opt for blank, poor quality, and cheap cake boxes, it will reflect poorly on your brand image. Moreover, if the cake box is not customized according to the size and dimensions of the cake, it will ruin it. And nobody likes to eat a disfigured cake that is smeared all over the box.

On the other hand, if your carefully baked and creatively decorated cakes come in high-quality, custom cake boxes with logo, it is sure to impress the buyers. Furthermore, MK Printing Ads takes meticulous care to ensure that the delicate taste of your cakes is maintained. For this, we use appropriate materials and cover the insides of the box with a protective film. Doing this stops the paper-y taste of the box from seeping into the cake.

Stunning Features of Custom Cake Boxes that Stands Us Apart from the Rest

  • Custom Size and Design – we know that not all cakes are created equal. And there is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to cake. That’s why, we offer custom design cake boxes with adjustable sizes and dimensions. We will only craft boxes that are a perfect match for your cakes. Moreover, we have multiple design options, such as sheet cake boxes, folding boxes, high wall boxes, tulip boxes for pastries and cake slices, etc. You can choose any one of these according to your requirements.
  • Personalized Packaging Boxes – Each box we provide will showcase the image of your brand. Personalized cake boxes not only increase your brand value but also reassure the customers. They can trust a brand better when they see its values and moto reflected in every aspect of the product, including packaging.
  • Various Finishes – MK Printing Ads offers a wide variety of finishes that you can choose for your custom cake boxes. Some of these include, Gloss lamination, Matte Lamination, Silver or Gold Foiling, UV coating, spot coating, etc.
  • Printing and Logos – We encourage our clients to get creative with the designs, especially the printed patterns on the boxes. Because why have a plain box in a single color when you can have fun designs and colorful prints? When you order from us, not only can you have a high-quality logo but also the ingredients, expiry dates and other instructions on the box.
  • Cake boxes with Handles – take your custom cake boxes to another level with handles for easy carrier and transport.
  • Cake Boxes with Windows – little display windows that give a sneak-peak of what’s inside is a must for cake boxes. All of our cake boxes come with a window but you can also customize one without it.
  • Gift Cake Boxes – we also offer gift cake boxes that are already-made for special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, mother’s day, father’s day, etc. These are perfect to give as gifts to people you care about. So, customers are bound to love it.
  • Inserts and Dividers – for cake slices, pastries, and other treats, we provide boxes with inserts and dividers that keep them in place. It prevents damage while transportation.
  • A-Z Professional Guidance – it’s great if you come to us with a specific vision of what you want, but you don’t, then no need to worry. We have excellent and highly capable staff on our team, ready to inspire you with awesome and original ideas. We guide our customers through every step and make the process easier for them.

Why MK Printing Ads and Packaging?

We are a trusted company for wholesale custom cake boxes. We have years of experience in bringing our client’s vision to life. We also take great care to provide the best customer service and make the process less confusing for our clients.  We make certain that all of our customers without exception get the best of treatment. So, chose us if you want:

  • Quality Material
  • Superior Printing
  • Trusted Partner for Luxury Packaging
  • Delivery on Time
  • Go Green
  • No-Die and Plate Charges
  • Reliable and Cost-Effective
  • Quick Turn Around / Fast Fulfillment
  • 100% Customer satisfaction
  • Packaging at Wholesale Rate

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